Friday, December 29, 2006


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well our guests are here for the new year, and chris went nuts and shaved it all off. No real reason , just because.
Jenna eat your heart out I got Bayleigh first!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

table talk

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ok well,

we are back from another trip down south. The christmas season is over, and milo has much to be thank-full for.
He had so much fun playing with his family and friends, now it is time for snow. We have a tom of photo's but the are stuck in Philly for a while in "Computer Limbo" I guess we will just have to buy Nana a new mac huh?

Milo with his ( and dad's) trains

Milo with his trains, originally uploaded by zavodk.

ok well I know this isn't Christmas related, but the one night I was able to use up all the bits to the Brio train set. It might seem like nothing special, but you would be wrong.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Because we can't get enough of dragons

Milo on stage again, at the Children's Museum, dressed as a dragon. I am sensing a theme here folks!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa, originally uploaded by zavodk.

Today we wrote a letter to Santa, with our please and thank you's included! Milo was really excited to dictate the letter. He specified three presents, but listed off about five....
He can hardly wait & honestly neither can we. This Christmas is gong to be much fun!
Happy Holiday Season....

Thursday, December 07, 2006


dragon hiding behind the curtain!, originally uploaded by zavodk.

Milo jumped out from behind the curtain yesterday at the Children's Museum. He was a hidden dragon in the cave....Look out everyone.

I would like to ntroduce a new feature to the Blog.....a stolen feature from a sweet little website about a little girl we knew in the Czech Republic named Agnezka. The site is called Icky Pie. Anywho the feature is titled "Why She/He is so Damned Adorable...."
Today he woke me up and he told me he was "happy." I asked him why was he so happy, and he said, "to see you!"
& the second reason he is so damn adorable is today at gym & swim class he was playing with this little girl Lydie. He had crawled through a tunnel and jumped up and surprised her, than he gently tickled he under her chin and said sweetly, "tickle, tickle" Lydie went into a fit of giggles, as did Milo.....

a photo show for you

Monday, November 27, 2006

tree climber

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Having fun in the park yesterday climbing trees and riding bikes!!! Come look at the photos there are lots to share...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Great Wall Thanksgiving

evergreen cemetery swans
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Feeling a bit nontraditional today, we decided to go and get Chinesse food for Lunch before I had to go to work (this is Jenna writing). We hadn't been able to find a good chinesse restuarant since we moved to Portland 3 years ago. Thai food here is great, Chinesse not so much. Honestly the thought of a Chinesse Buffet just doesn't sound appealing. The Great Wall Chinesse Buffet came as a suggestion with very high recommendation with the food being incredibly fresh. I went with reservations, but happy enough. It was great. Fresh as could be and relatively cheap. They even had a koi pond, by far the greatest strip mall chinesse place with pond/fountain I have ever been too. Milo liked it too. He loved the fishes and had a giant plate o' fruit and Terayaki Spare Ribs, he was in heaven!

After the lovely food we decided to go for a walk. I was thinking somewhere we'd never been before and because we were close we stopped at the Evergreen Cemetery. Why a cemetery? Well there has been much debate about this particular locale recently. The Evergreen Geese
Since never having seen this particular area which was under some debate recently and even stirred a friend of ours, Heather, who admits to not becoming involved much into action. We were really surprised at how lovely this little area of Portland is, at the bottom of an old, old cemetery there lies 3 small sculpted ponds and just beyond it a very large pod. Surrounded by large old trees. I could only begin to imagine how pretty it is in the summer. Its always so refreshing to find something so lovely and new in a place that seems so farmilar. On that note, at Strange Maine today there was a listing of what the one author felt she was thankful for, you should check it out. It was beuatifully well put!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We love and miss you all very much and are so THANKFUL that you are in our lives in some way or another and always in our hearts!


Monday, November 20, 2006

giddy good time

giddy good time
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Saturday afternoon at the Eastern Prom. What fun!

the family visits
& lucky family times abound this week with a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Cousin Tiff.....
plus, bike riding in the park
out and about

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chris reading to Audrey and Milo

Chris reading to Audrey and Milo
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On Sunday, Chris went to visit Audrey, Ida, JIm and Katie for a burrito-tastic supper....and than the next night they came over our house for a hodge-podge of yummy goodness. Sweet Potatoe fries, sweet potatoe & blackbean soup, ravioli and salad plus Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Muffins, compliments of Katie...
It was a good time had by all......
& check out LIttle Miss Ida Peal.....she makes my heart sing!
ida pearl

love jenna

Thursday, November 09, 2006

he tells people we meet, "I'm getting bigger"

Sorry for the delay between postings...just been having a good ole time with Milo. He has been into playing with his farm lately and this is a photo of a batch I took today him playing in the barn and around.
He is already looking forward to Christmas. All the toy catalogs have come in the mail and he asks me to read them to him all day. Its been interesting coming up with stories for the toys, anyone know any good crane operator stories...that is his favorite page.
Hope all are well!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Bulgarian Batman

The Bulgarian Batman
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Halloween went off without a hitch. Milo wanted to be Batman, so we did a slight costume change from an Acrobat, to a more Eastern European version of the Batman himself. This is Milo looking a little spooked after the Halloween Parade. He was a real trouper! We did some Trick-or-Treating at 75 State St. and loaded him up with treats. He really like that! & than headed off to the Halloween Parade.
I have to give a big shout out to the Shoe String Puppet Theatre for doing this parade for 25+ years. What a great way to get the community together. They bring out their puppets and instruments and take to the streets of the West End. We are so happy to be a part of it.
Also the 3rd Annual LIttle Halloweeners Afternoon Masquerade was a success this year, although I didn't get a photo of all the kids lined up on the big brown couch. We will have to do it up for the Holiday Party!!!!
Hope Halloween was Spook-tacular!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

new arraingements

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well Milo and dad went to work today. Jenna had found some old piece old furniture and we brought it back to life. Mr M. had a blast sanding and hammering out side. Now all we need is a work shop.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Milo's Got A Brand New Bag

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Happy Birthday Oma!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, we found a new playground up on route one. This one is not you average playgound, this is kid-Gothic. It is at once inviting and scarry. Several spieres, dark spaces coupled with slides and steering wheels. I cant fit through most of it, having to walk around the outsides.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

those cute kids

too cute!
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Don't they look like brother and sister?!?
Upon a recent trip to Philadelphia these great photos were taken. We had a great time visiting & look forward to visiting again sometime soon.
What a cute family!

Welcome Bayliegh, in her cute Mama-made Christening bonnet!
Bayliegh, Sue's daughter

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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two little instances to tell of a growing Milo:

1-While at the grocery store yesteday with Chris Milo was asking "who's that?, who's that" to all the people walking by, well a young lady in a belly shirt and short skirt walked by, and Milo asked, real coy but shy, "whoooo's thattt?" & the girl turned and looked at him, and he was all shy and turned into Chris' shoulder. He refers to her as the pretty girl....when asked. Hehe

2-Today Chris was changing the oil in the car and Milo and I went out to keep him company. Chris lifted the hood of the car & Milo exclaimed, "OH COOL! Whats that? Oh Cool!"

We have a real boy on our hands folks!


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milo had a blast hopping up on dads shoulders and picking the last of the apples. HE kinda liked the pie and cake, but not so much. If you are reading this, The "Fam" might be visiting a city near you~~~~~!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Wagon
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Yep We were striking up a deal for milo to become a gypsy.
They offered three bits for him, but chris was holding out for some magic beans. Oh well, maybe next fair milo will join the caravan!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

fire truck ho!

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mymo at the fryeburg fair !

Thursday, October 05, 2006

1st pony ride

1st pony ride
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To catch up, this is a photo from last Saturday's Punkinfiddle Festival at the Wells Reserve and Estuary. We hopped a ride with the Aguiar family (10 bucks a carload) and had a wonderful time frolicking by field and sea. Milo stood in line 15 minutes for this pony ride which he asked for a ton of times. He was so excited..........he held onto the pony like a big boy and warmed my heart with with the extraoridarily bug smile he wore. He was beside himself with glee.
I hope you enjoy the photos, they were great fun to take.
Look forward to more photos this week, including Milo in a bag, Milo's new new haircut & perhaps a few more, woo-hoo!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chris' Top FIVE!

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ok well jenna has been on a roll! I better come up with something good.
# 5) 2001. It was a very exciting year. Marriage, Europe, and our first Mac
# 4) 2002 standing out in field some sunday morning tending sheep.
# 3) Algard st. deck @12 am on a saturday night.
# 2) Driving a U-haul up 95 towing the VW at 2 in the morning ( reverse to get to the Diesel pump included)
# 1) walking milo home.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

5 years

5 years
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We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday and had a stellar day with Milo. It was great to spend the day together as a family eatting banana pancakes, visiting with wonderful friends & brownie's a la mode (thanks Callie!)

& as a special to-do here is a top five of five Top 5 of Five
by Jenna

1. Summer O' 2001
-big ups to Suez-q, Jay and the boys & Lizzy living

2. Zamek Brezina
-challenging and valuable

3. Algard Street

4. Milo's Birth

5. 2006
We learn best from what challenges us the most!

Professor Flitwick

Professor Flitwick
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We had a visit from Professor Flitwick yesterday.....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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Sunday Afternoon, while playing in the living room, Milo was having trouble keeping his hair out of his eyes. I have been meaning to get him and his father to the Barber Shop, on the to do list for this week. I was sitting there embroidering, minding my own business. I sort of heard his father say something about a haircut, but so engrossed I was that the next time I turned around, Milo running into the living room to show me his "new do"
Chris says that Milo apparently, "sneezed" while cutting his bangs. I am not so sure. I entered the bathroom where the cut took place and saw these extra large kitchen shears that he used on his hair. Oh my! I pointed out the hair cutting scissors that I lovingly use on Chris' hair when I cut it, located in the bathroom. I was a bit startled at first & did the best I could to straighten them up. After time has gone by,
the cut has really grown on me, looks so cute! It brings out his face. We'll see what the barber can do this week! Stay tuned kids!

Side Note:
Because I never followed up on Susan & John Finn's little arrival,
Bayleigh Eleanor Finn was born in August & was a whooping 9lbs!
She is currently happily nursing away and giving her parents much joy!
Big ups to Little Mama Sue, you go girl with your big baby!
PS-Sue come to Flickr and check out some old photos I've uploaded. They are in a set called "Revisiting"

Monday, September 25, 2006

2 lights

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This photo is from last monday, while at Two Lights, enjoying a barbeque. Before hand we had gone to the beach and skipped stones all afternoon. It was a lovely day........come share our photos!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

getting back into the swing of things

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On Tuesday Milo and I made our way to playgroup and stopped at the fire station on the way inside. Those busy firemen were busy inspecting their trucks, making sure all the lights and sirens worked properly. Lucky for Milo who was an eager spectator & relished their work. One kind firefighter brought out a hat especially for Milo. I think we might have a future firefighter on our hands, it does run in the family, Great-Grandpa Keys was a fire fighter. His favorite page in "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go." by Richard Scarry is the page with at least 8 fire truck illustrations.
Come and check out some recent photos of our excursion to Philly. Especially a day we spent with two old friends of mine, Nicole and Lisa with their beautiful babes in tow....
Also there is a set on a recent trip to the Maine Wildlife Refuge, Moose photos and all!
Hope your having a great week......

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

which Keys is this?

which Keys is this?
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Can you guess the child in this photo? Comments encouraged!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Milo Mouse

Milo Mouse
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Milo and I just arrived back from our travels to Philadelphia and the Berkshires. This photo is of Milo dressed as Minnie Mouse. While we were visiting Hannah and Melissa, Milo stumbled upon Hannah's costume box. This was the short lived result. More to come of our adventures, stay tuned!

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Birthday~!

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ok where is my cake!

Friday, August 25, 2006

they said they'd clean it thirty-three

they said they'd clean it up
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For those of you who don't know we live in the Parkside section of Portland. A lowlying neighborhood next to Deering Oaks Park which houses the city's rose garden, duck pond and water park & only a few vagrant items, the occassional condom, needle or beer can. Next to the park is Bayside, an industrial type neighborhood which houses city services and the homeless shelter, a free health clinic and a variety of other fun locales.
Immediately next door to us is a home run by the YWCA for young mothers and their chronically degenerant boyfriends. The young women at this building are nice enough, their children are cute and they don't bother us a bit. Their friends and boyfriends on the other hand can be quite much.
It seems that this past summer has been all get out in this section of the city. Beside the constant theatrics of the gas station across the street (which we have fondly named Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), we have also dealt with a barrage of trash. This photo is what we look down upon outside our ktichen window, if you lean a little you can see the park and pond. I have gone several times to complain about the abandoned trash and refrigerator but to no avail. This week I was put over the edge. Someone took a shit right by the steps, with toilet paper stuck to it. I am glad the person thought to clean themselves proper & leave such a lovely view for us to see!
The nice people next door who run the program claimed they have been trying to get the place cleaned up. The YWCA, after a long, long stint in Portland helping many women, are shutting their doors. The staff doesn't know what is going to happen to the program, nor the mainetance of the building. Lucky us.
The kind girl that runs the program got rid of the poo and booze bottle, but the frig and trash still stand today. I believe I will count this as Day 33.
Tomorrow we are fleeing the city for much greener pastures...
I would like to give a warm and early ups to Chris who celebrates his 29th Birthday Monday, August 28th, & who we thank for our nice camping trip! Happy Birthday Chris!

I also had a call today from a somewhat frazzled father-to-be. Apparently Sue is still going strong, into what I think it may be her 3rd day of labor. I am hoping by now that little girl Finn has swam her way into the world. You go, Sue!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Gross

Mr. & Mrs. Gross
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On August 19, 2006 at five in the evening, a Ms. Holly Maher wed Mr. Daniel Gross at the Sandals Chapel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
The wedding was highlighted in a gorgeous tropical locale with exquisite meals and loving friends. Even the afternoon showers could not put a damper on the excitement.
Congratulations Holly and Dan.......a toast to your many, many years of marrital splendor!

Goddess Gathering

Goddess this year was filled with wine, henna, fire and dance!
This year was great, a new friend joined us this year and brought her fire skills with her. Lilymoonstorm danced with fire and the little goddess brought it too, showing us there new bellydance!
We shook it late into the night!
big roar to all the goddesses!

Alonso's Picnic

Alonso's Picnic
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I am in a whirlwind to catch up with this blog & I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to a certain pregnant lady who has been hauling her heinie up to the 3rd floor to read our little blog and has been sorely disappointed with our laziness!
So here is to her, who hopefully is in labor!!!!!

This here photo is from a Picnic we attended at our friend Alonso's house. We had a smashing time. They had lots of food and friends plus an extroidinary day to do it on! Thank you Katya, Mario and Alonso!

Look for continued blogs on the Goddess Gathering and Holly and Dan's Jamaica Wedding.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

sunbathing beauty

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Hey All.....we are enjoying the gorgeous weather with lots of beach going activities and crafting galore. Milo is really keen on pressing the peddle and sewing away with me, hence my prolific crafting of late.
August has also been a wonderful month filled with many new Milo phrases such as, "MY car", "MY keys" & "MY house" The other day when we got to the beach he said to the first child he saw "HI KID!" and waved to him. Than later while we were leaving the beach he turned back and shouted, "BYE KIDS" while waving happily. He's so darn cute.
He is also so very, very TWO. I hope we survive the flip side because he is also very trying when he so desires, or should I say when he does not get what he desires! Chris and I almost sold him to the gypsys this week, save for the endearing qualities he does manage to display and just in the nick of time.
Look for many new posts soon.........
This weekend is The Goddess Gathering in New Hampshire, so look for many fun photos of girly-girls having a hoopla in the woods plus a bonus, when Chris, Kevin and Milo have a "Men's NIte:" while Moms away. I am envisioning a dubious photo of Milo stealing a PBR (for the uninitaited thats Pabst Blue Ribbon)........
Take care and enjoy August!

Low tide and the living is easy.

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Well we all fell in love with Ketel cove this year. Chris more so for the high tide swimming. Milo can't hlp but have fun. From the rocks to the bridge, the paths in the woods, to the rocks and crabs. To top it off it's free!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

the biggest book eva

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jenna went off and found the best book ever for milo. It is a 8 ft Richard Scarry book, With tabs!!! Milo loves this thing. It is already beaton so no love lost there. Hey while im at it you guys should read this too..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Chris' late night readings

I know ya'll are looking for the milo goods, but it is too damn hott. I do have this link of an interesting story I found.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

smiles all around!

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I had to post this photo, because it makes me smile everytime I see it! Yippee!

Friday, July 28, 2006

New digs

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Well we got to visit my sisters new house. Milo got to hunt for "freddy the fire cracker". He was bitten twice! I think the cat was being nice, milo should have been turned into swiss cheese. I guess cats tails are like light strings.

Oh wedding day!

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I hear it is good luck to sweat through your wedding outfit. Well I hope it is because they both were. Chris and milo made it down to the Keystone state for cuz's wedding. I didn't want this getting around but, English isn't her first language!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Superhero or woodland imp?

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Its a rare occasion when Milo likes to play dress-up, but this day was great & when even have the photographic proof!

Monday, July 17, 2006

milo and dad set sail

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hi every one. This photo was from monday. Me jenna, milo, and hanna went to Ferry beach, while hanna's mom and dad packed up to move. Hanna was up set, but happy to be out of the house with milo. it was a bitter sweet day for us.