Thursday, August 10, 2006

sunbathing beauty

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Hey All.....we are enjoying the gorgeous weather with lots of beach going activities and crafting galore. Milo is really keen on pressing the peddle and sewing away with me, hence my prolific crafting of late.
August has also been a wonderful month filled with many new Milo phrases such as, "MY car", "MY keys" & "MY house" The other day when we got to the beach he said to the first child he saw "HI KID!" and waved to him. Than later while we were leaving the beach he turned back and shouted, "BYE KIDS" while waving happily. He's so darn cute.
He is also so very, very TWO. I hope we survive the flip side because he is also very trying when he so desires, or should I say when he does not get what he desires! Chris and I almost sold him to the gypsys this week, save for the endearing qualities he does manage to display and just in the nick of time.
Look for many new posts soon.........
This weekend is The Goddess Gathering in New Hampshire, so look for many fun photos of girly-girls having a hoopla in the woods plus a bonus, when Chris, Kevin and Milo have a "Men's NIte:" while Moms away. I am envisioning a dubious photo of Milo stealing a PBR (for the uninitaited thats Pabst Blue Ribbon)........
Take care and enjoy August!

Low tide and the living is easy.

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Well we all fell in love with Ketel cove this year. Chris more so for the high tide swimming. Milo can't hlp but have fun. From the rocks to the bridge, the paths in the woods, to the rocks and crabs. To top it off it's free!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

the biggest book eva

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jenna went off and found the best book ever for milo. It is a 8 ft Richard Scarry book, With tabs!!! Milo loves this thing. It is already beaton so no love lost there. Hey while im at it you guys should read this too..