Thursday, October 05, 2006

1st pony ride

1st pony ride
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To catch up, this is a photo from last Saturday's Punkinfiddle Festival at the Wells Reserve and Estuary. We hopped a ride with the Aguiar family (10 bucks a carload) and had a wonderful time frolicking by field and sea. Milo stood in line 15 minutes for this pony ride which he asked for a ton of times. He was so excited..........he held onto the pony like a big boy and warmed my heart with with the extraoridarily bug smile he wore. He was beside himself with glee.
I hope you enjoy the photos, they were great fun to take.
Look forward to more photos this week, including Milo in a bag, Milo's new new haircut & perhaps a few more, woo-hoo!

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jess said...

so sweet! im so glad he liked dexter the other might be 'my' day! heres hoping..full moon : ) !