Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nathaniel, 3 months

Nathaniel, 3 months
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Its been three months, Nate, and you are so much a part of this family. We all adore you. Your sweet smile and bits of laughter. You coo with anyone as long as they are spending sometime gazing with you.
Milo is all about showing you the love. He gives you kisses constantly, hugs and doesn't seem to mind at all sharing us with you.
The other day he put on a puppet show, just for you and you were quiet pleased.
You sleep really well at night, are a diligent and happy nurser. You don't fuss very often, but when you do you let us know that something must be done, whether its a diaper change or burp.
One of your favorite and consistent activities is being naked on he changing table. You love to be free and to laugh and kick. You love being naked in the bath too! Your our future nudist, indeed! You love music, especially when Dad plays the guitar for you. You like singing and dancing too...
You do really well with tummy-time; your all about your hands, either chewing on them or watching them move.
At your three month check-up you were 15.4 pounds and 2ft. have lovely blue eyes, and are semi-balding, with a fun little patch of dark hair in the back. I do believe that your hair is starting to grow in.....yeah!
We call you Natty, Nate, Charlie, Plummy-love, Turtle dove and Brother
You seem to enjoy the outdoors, when the weather is nice; you like the sling and your other favorite is the swing,
which is where you are right now,
as I type this little mislet to you,
little sleeping dove...

Monday, February 11, 2008

monday funnies

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