Saturday, January 22, 2005

milo in the kitchen with china!

milo in the kitchen with china!
milo in the kitchen with china!
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This is a picture taken the first night he entered the kitchen alone.I think he knows that he can start to get into trouble now, come on look at that face! "Im off and running................. Freedom!"

snow bound....

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Dad got to take Milo out for a little morning of sleding the other day. He never would have thought of it, a co-worker brought it up to him. Chris raised the obviuos question"Isn't he to young?" his reply was that he had his first son out in the snow at 6 months! Emboldened with the idea Chris went out and bought a sled promptly. Milo wasn't imprerssed as much as we expected, but he did seem to enjoy being out in the snow, propped against the back pack.

Friday, January 21, 2005

making new strides in the cold cold

This evening, we officially baby-proofed the living room. Its quite a scene, cast off sofa cushions line the "off limit" sectors of our newly sparse living quarters. Baby gates were bought and put up after Milo walked holding the wall into the kitchen last night. It is amazing how quickly it happens. Yesterday was also his first big day crawling. He crawled 3 feet and than plunked down, put his head on the floor and cried in exhaustion. My favorite new thing that he has been doing is mmmmmmmming everything. When he eats he mmmmmms, when he points he mmmmmms and now he has added a few baba, mamas and an occasional oma to the repitoire.......This make his Oma very happy. For those who don't know my Mom, Sandy is called Oma.
Milo has seemed to been stepping up his game now that we are stuck in the house. Today marked a record 3 days that we hadn't broached the threshold of the front door. Temperatures were a whopping 6 degrees as a high and tomorrow its getting worse. I believe the high will be 0. We did leave this evening and it wasn't so terrible. We went to the store with Chris in tow, so he got to warm up the car, which makes a huge difference. Tomorrow we have a play date in Saco, which is about 20 minutes from here. Milo and I are looking forward to the fun, lord know we need it.
I hope all are well out there in whichever land your in.
Keep warm.

Are we there yet?

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hey there, sorry for the delay. here is a little snippit from a day in the life of milo. 'he is offically crawling, and walking along the couch and walls.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Milo and the Sweet Potatoe Incident

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Milo has been eating food now regularly and boy is he having fun.