Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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Sunday Afternoon, while playing in the living room, Milo was having trouble keeping his hair out of his eyes. I have been meaning to get him and his father to the Barber Shop, on the to do list for this week. I was sitting there embroidering, minding my own business. I sort of heard his father say something about a haircut, but so engrossed I was that the next time I turned around, Milo running into the living room to show me his "new do"
Chris says that Milo apparently, "sneezed" while cutting his bangs. I am not so sure. I entered the bathroom where the cut took place and saw these extra large kitchen shears that he used on his hair. Oh my! I pointed out the hair cutting scissors that I lovingly use on Chris' hair when I cut it, located in the bathroom. I was a bit startled at first & did the best I could to straighten them up. After time has gone by,
the cut has really grown on me, looks so cute! It brings out his face. We'll see what the barber can do this week! Stay tuned kids!

Side Note:
Because I never followed up on Susan & John Finn's little arrival,
Bayleigh Eleanor Finn was born in August & was a whooping 9lbs!
She is currently happily nursing away and giving her parents much joy!
Big ups to Little Mama Sue, you go girl with your big baby!
PS-Sue come to Flickr and check out some old photos I've uploaded. They are in a set called "Revisiting"

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suezq223 said...

Jenna, (and the State of PA)
Bayliegh is spelled B-a-y-l-i-e-g-h
Apparently I will be fighting this the rest of her life. Hey my last name used to end in ski spelled S-K-Y so I used to it.
When was the picture of you and me taken? I love the ones from Rosemont. Do you ever hear from Rachel?
Love you