Friday, August 25, 2006

they said they'd clean it thirty-three

they said they'd clean it up
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For those of you who don't know we live in the Parkside section of Portland. A lowlying neighborhood next to Deering Oaks Park which houses the city's rose garden, duck pond and water park & only a few vagrant items, the occassional condom, needle or beer can. Next to the park is Bayside, an industrial type neighborhood which houses city services and the homeless shelter, a free health clinic and a variety of other fun locales.
Immediately next door to us is a home run by the YWCA for young mothers and their chronically degenerant boyfriends. The young women at this building are nice enough, their children are cute and they don't bother us a bit. Their friends and boyfriends on the other hand can be quite much.
It seems that this past summer has been all get out in this section of the city. Beside the constant theatrics of the gas station across the street (which we have fondly named Mobil Masterpiece Theatre), we have also dealt with a barrage of trash. This photo is what we look down upon outside our ktichen window, if you lean a little you can see the park and pond. I have gone several times to complain about the abandoned trash and refrigerator but to no avail. This week I was put over the edge. Someone took a shit right by the steps, with toilet paper stuck to it. I am glad the person thought to clean themselves proper & leave such a lovely view for us to see!
The nice people next door who run the program claimed they have been trying to get the place cleaned up. The YWCA, after a long, long stint in Portland helping many women, are shutting their doors. The staff doesn't know what is going to happen to the program, nor the mainetance of the building. Lucky us.
The kind girl that runs the program got rid of the poo and booze bottle, but the frig and trash still stand today. I believe I will count this as Day 33.
Tomorrow we are fleeing the city for much greener pastures...
I would like to give a warm and early ups to Chris who celebrates his 29th Birthday Monday, August 28th, & who we thank for our nice camping trip! Happy Birthday Chris!

I also had a call today from a somewhat frazzled father-to-be. Apparently Sue is still going strong, into what I think it may be her 3rd day of labor. I am hoping by now that little girl Finn has swam her way into the world. You go, Sue!

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