Friday, May 27, 2005

see you

see you
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HI, i know this isn't a new photo, but it will have to do. The big holly day and no one is around. I say the week ends are over rated......bah humbug

Jenna/ Milo are back on Tuesday...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Howdy there ...

Sorry for the brief pause in posts. We were just in Philly (jenna still is) and I left the camera adapter in Maine. Milo is enjoying life closer to the mason Dixon line, I had a nice drive through a Nor' Easter to get back to Portland. The weather was nice in Philly when i was there. Here in Maine it has been raining for about a month! It is supposed to be sunny some time next week......We are all very depressed. SO some new photos next week, Tuesday abouts...