Wednesday, October 10, 2007

last one done is a rotten egg

A little before and after for dramatic effect.

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Wo hoo the last room is done! let the birthn' begin!

"Inside the Piano"

Inside the Piano
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this is something like what I found on the street.
it sounds "really really cool"


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it was really really cool dad

Sunday, October 07, 2007

something to listen too

Hi every body!   i know i get some hate mail when I go off topic, but alas it has happened again but here is some musical distraction that we can all enjoy

oh and one more thing I am also now a proud owner of a 600 lb upright piano box/strings! woo hoo

Milo and His Great Great Great Aunt Arlene

To add to the many things that are pretty cool about living in Philly....Aunt Arlene. She was my late Grandfather's Aunt and now is Milo's Great Great Great Aunt. How many of us have one of those. She lives down the street on our same block and takes walks with her son. We are often lucky enough to see her sitting on our stoop, where Milo drops whatever it is he is doing to go out and spend sometime with her. Often as a child, I would do the very same thing, on those very same steps. Its amazing how full circle life can truly be.