Thursday, December 07, 2006


dragon hiding behind the curtain!, originally uploaded by zavodk.

Milo jumped out from behind the curtain yesterday at the Children's Museum. He was a hidden dragon in the cave....Look out everyone.

I would like to ntroduce a new feature to the Blog.....a stolen feature from a sweet little website about a little girl we knew in the Czech Republic named Agnezka. The site is called Icky Pie. Anywho the feature is titled "Why She/He is so Damned Adorable...."
Today he woke me up and he told me he was "happy." I asked him why was he so happy, and he said, "to see you!"
& the second reason he is so damn adorable is today at gym & swim class he was playing with this little girl Lydie. He had crawled through a tunnel and jumped up and surprised her, than he gently tickled he under her chin and said sweetly, "tickle, tickle" Lydie went into a fit of giggles, as did Milo.....

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