Thursday, September 21, 2006

getting back into the swing of things

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On Tuesday Milo and I made our way to playgroup and stopped at the fire station on the way inside. Those busy firemen were busy inspecting their trucks, making sure all the lights and sirens worked properly. Lucky for Milo who was an eager spectator & relished their work. One kind firefighter brought out a hat especially for Milo. I think we might have a future firefighter on our hands, it does run in the family, Great-Grandpa Keys was a fire fighter. His favorite page in "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go." by Richard Scarry is the page with at least 8 fire truck illustrations.
Come and check out some recent photos of our excursion to Philly. Especially a day we spent with two old friends of mine, Nicole and Lisa with their beautiful babes in tow....
Also there is a set on a recent trip to the Maine Wildlife Refuge, Moose photos and all!
Hope your having a great week......

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