Friday, December 29, 2006


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well our guests are here for the new year, and chris went nuts and shaved it all off. No real reason , just because.
Jenna eat your heart out I got Bayleigh first!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

table talk

table talk, originally uploaded by zavodk.

ok well,

we are back from another trip down south. The christmas season is over, and milo has much to be thank-full for.
He had so much fun playing with his family and friends, now it is time for snow. We have a tom of photo's but the are stuck in Philly for a while in "Computer Limbo" I guess we will just have to buy Nana a new mac huh?

Milo with his ( and dad's) trains

Milo with his trains, originally uploaded by zavodk.

ok well I know this isn't Christmas related, but the one night I was able to use up all the bits to the Brio train set. It might seem like nothing special, but you would be wrong.