Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Great Wall Thanksgiving

evergreen cemetery swans
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Feeling a bit nontraditional today, we decided to go and get Chinesse food for Lunch before I had to go to work (this is Jenna writing). We hadn't been able to find a good chinesse restuarant since we moved to Portland 3 years ago. Thai food here is great, Chinesse not so much. Honestly the thought of a Chinesse Buffet just doesn't sound appealing. The Great Wall Chinesse Buffet came as a suggestion with very high recommendation with the food being incredibly fresh. I went with reservations, but happy enough. It was great. Fresh as could be and relatively cheap. They even had a koi pond, by far the greatest strip mall chinesse place with pond/fountain I have ever been too. Milo liked it too. He loved the fishes and had a giant plate o' fruit and Terayaki Spare Ribs, he was in heaven!

After the lovely food we decided to go for a walk. I was thinking somewhere we'd never been before and because we were close we stopped at the Evergreen Cemetery. Why a cemetery? Well there has been much debate about this particular locale recently. The Evergreen Geese
Since never having seen this particular area which was under some debate recently and even stirred a friend of ours, Heather, who admits to not becoming involved much into action. We were really surprised at how lovely this little area of Portland is, at the bottom of an old, old cemetery there lies 3 small sculpted ponds and just beyond it a very large pod. Surrounded by large old trees. I could only begin to imagine how pretty it is in the summer. Its always so refreshing to find something so lovely and new in a place that seems so farmilar. On that note, at Strange Maine today there was a listing of what the one author felt she was thankful for, you should check it out. It was beuatifully well put!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We love and miss you all very much and are so THANKFUL that you are in our lives in some way or another and always in our hearts!


Monday, November 20, 2006

giddy good time

giddy good time
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Saturday afternoon at the Eastern Prom. What fun!

the family visits
& lucky family times abound this week with a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Cousin Tiff.....
plus, bike riding in the park
out and about