Friday, June 02, 2006


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no it isnt a new program that apple came up with... It is milo talking about his morining with mom. Jenna has been slow to get out the "real" paints. Due mostly to the fear of damage he could inflict upon the house. All in all it turned out better than she feared. (no tables were harmed)

Oh our shinny new computer....

Photo 16.jpg
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Jenna uploaded some of our pictures from the camera on the computer. They were taken with photo booth. More fun than a barrel of monkey sticks.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gone wild

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Milo let loose on monday. In the cold ocean with scant cloths on..
He ran like a wild child through the sand, up the slide, around the blankets, back into the ocean. The sun popped out to make it a great day at the beach.

A banner day

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What a weekend. Well we oulled through another one, Milo hit the weekenf running outside Callies house all day. Saturday seven hours at the "Oaks" . And monday all day at the beach!