Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A new Milo movie

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. I got the movie site to work again! I can try to make more little snippets of our daily life. This is a great video of milo running at full speed, playing with the trees!

Milo's new sword

Milo's new sword
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howdy yall, Let me just say that Ohma was having so much fun with Milo. They had a blast every day together. This is a picture of us returning form the party at deering oaks park. They had free games for the kids and Milo took them up on the offer. The weather was so mice that we didnt want to go home!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

worst redeye ever!

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Happy Holloween! Chris and Jenna both wooped it up this year, Jenna's costume was clever and sexy, Mine was a bad pun. This is a photo of Kevins better half Jess. I belive she won every prize for the party.... (well she did host it.) But I could be wrong. .....

A tree getting Hugged in the park

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We had a little chill for a week or two. Milo was out in force, to hit the streets of portland. The best thing about winter here in Maine is that he gets to wear a lot of Hats!!!