Saturday, March 26, 2005

in one week a be-banged roller rita and one sleep deprived chef meet a nasty head cold

hello folks...

I have been working lots and Chris and Milo have been spending some quality time. My writing group has started up again on Tuesday nights, so I left the man high and milkless for 3 nights in a row this past week, whilst I worked and toiled away at some poetry with my new group....

Until our poor boy came down with a nasty head cold. It has left him congested with a runny messy nose. He has been happy, but mostly clingy and tired. We are hoping for a swift recovery, but it appears it may linger. The little pick-a-ninny peachy-poo hasn't been able to sleep proper and nor had his usual voracious appetite.....but there is a light at the end of the stuffed-up tunnel. He still has managed to practice his two-stepping, shaking his groove thing when the mood strikes. This week I hit jackpot gold when I realized Philadelphia's own WXPN launched a stream we can listen to on our laptop and now Milo and I spend hours dancing our way through the new apartment....he likes to hunker down over something and shake his heiner to and fro.....god bless funk music, although he seems to have an aversion to rap....
Despite being ill Milo is mastering the art of climbing and getting down from things like the couch, the bed...and also hiding beneath things like chairs and tables. He especially like the kitchen table. He is also becoming more adept at walking....taking steps and becoming braver, standing on his own....he certainly takes pride in his accomplishments, with a juanty little smile he takes his few steps....I see a very fun spring beginning to alight in his near future.
The snow has been on melt down for this past week and the good old dirt is starting to show. Lately we have even begun to smell low-tide. In the winter the smell "freezes" so to speak. But spring in Maine is starting to beckon and we are all heaving a sigh of relief. Even for Maine we have had a lot of snow. We are way above average for our annual count. I look forward to warm sunny afternoons!

Yesterday morning, moi, Jenna Kahny-Keys, had a monumental haircut.....I have been threatening it for years and I finally took the plunge. I got bangs! And boy they are Bang-Tastic! Its been over 12 years since I have done anything remotely dramatic to my hair (I count the last time when I died my hair green with the help of a very hesitant Michelle in that experimental year of 1992) But the bangs seemed to want to happen, I haven't even had to work at them. They just fall naturally into a fun retro-like do! My friend Isabelle told me today that I look like a vampy 50's movie star! I said that was just the look I was going for.....Please feel free to post a comment regarding my new do when I post the photo....I think Chris is beginning to think they are swell too. Milo saw me and giggled, as long as I had the milkies I don't think he cares how I look.
Because of illness we missed our Intergenerational Playgroup at 75 where Chris works.
But some other loyal Moms turned out the party and some residents turned up too. I am beginning to think we have a good thing going.....For those of you who don't know, Milo and I started up a playgroup at the assisted living home where Chris works. We thought it would be a great idea to get some children into 75 so the residents can enjoy them if they so desire. They are always so happy when I bring Milo in and I thought it would be fun. Its been great fun having the residents and moms and babies and staff all hanging around, we hope it grows.
Today was also another eventful day. This morning I participated in the Portland Puppeteers, Jugglers and Performers Saturday Morning Variety Show as RollerRita. Twas fun....I sparkled on stage in gold lame' to Angus' piano rendition of "I got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates" And skated my little heart out with gold streaming from my hair and knee bands....When I got on the stage Milo started to cry for me from the audience....he was seated in the front row being held by a very compassionate Auntie Isabelle. I must say it was hard not to go to him, but I was happy to perform for the other children....I am hoping that RollerRita will be asked to make another appearance at the Portland Puppeters and Jugglers next event. In the future, I plan on practicing Juggling while roller skating. This whole event sprang from a friendship that I made at the Monday night juggling group with a very talented puppeteer Blainor McGough...who was nice enough to include me in the show.
Our apartment is finally coming together.....on the slow and sure side of it....
we are looking forward to having it finished so we can host a pot-luck, maybe in the next couple weeks?!?
Happy Bunny Day everyone.
Milo and I plan to meet up with Martha from Philadelphia who is visiting her sister in Maine. We are going to take a long walk with her neice and nephew and their dogs. We shall miss you on this holiday....
but remember RollerRita, the Chef and Snuff-lu-ilo love you..........

Thursday, March 24, 2005

hopping the fence

hopping the fence
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milo had knocked everything off the table and was close to getting over the baby gate! he is in the door way to the kitchen, we keep him out some times just when we need to keep an eye on him.
Me and jenna looked away for a few seconds and this is what we saw!

view of a room

veiw of a room
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hey ya'll
ok i found the camera! jenna was playing a little game with me, where she hids it and i can't find it. This picture is of our living room. more to come i promise!