Friday, August 24, 2007

happy in our new home

happy in our new home
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Well were are finally in the new home after many trials and tribulations. We aren't nearly finished but its getting there. Its quite enjoyable to be back amongst our things and especially to be sleeping in our own bed! Yay!

Chris & Milo did enjoy an adventure to the shore this past weekend. Milo enjoyed his many cousins and even went to the boardwalk at Seaside.
fire truck

I, alas, stayed home & went to ye ole bridal shower for my Auntie. It was super fun & took some nifty photos with my Ma's camera which I do not have here. But a good time was had by all.

Last but not least, we welcomed a new member to the family this week. He was much welcomed and we are all excited to start this part of our lives.
Meet Boots-y,
once a crazy wretch who ruled the roost, now a loving family dog who enjoys walks, pets and treats. Some of you may remember him as my grandparents wiley dog, he is much calmer now in his old age of 10 and is enjoying life here with us!