Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh the places you will go!

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well we have much to say. Philly has been keeping Us busy. We have started a bit of a project, Chris has started serving Breakfast at the bar on Sunday mornings. Somehow I roped Jenna into working for me.
It really has been a labor of love, we get to pretend it is our own resturant and serve/ decorate how we want!
Oh you just want to hear about the boys? Well Milo is grand, he has been keeping me and jenna on our toes. He is full of one liners working out his logic It is a talent kids have, to drive you nuts and knock you over with love. Nate has been such a little bundle of joy. He is our little parrot, coo-ing away, quick with a smile. At times he even mimics our sound effects we do with him. He is all about his fingers right now, full of smiles

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