Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the boys

Ah, winter with the boys. Things are going swimmingly here with the little ones. Milo is being an excellent big brother, bringing Nate toys and such when he is upset....giving him an abundance of hugs and kisses, its heart-melting really. Highlights this week, so far, a visit from Poppy & Nana including donuts and love. Than a visit with Gram who he has been wanting to see for quite a while. She has a new train set & is busy creating the board....Milo is enthralled.
As for Nathaniel, sweet plummy love....little Natty, Mister N....he is growing so fast......He is over 2ft. long now and closing in on 15 pds....I had to go dig out the 6 to 9 month clothing!?!

We also welcomed yet another boy to our family this week. Cousin CJ & his lovely wife Kim had a baby boy yesterday....Tristan David, 8'11 20inches long, he is a leggy little guy....

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