Monday, August 15, 2005

goddess gathering, getting out and getting down

Denise getting down
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In New Hampshire this weekend was Gailstorm's annual Goddess Gathering at her beautiful home.
It was warm and sunny, and the goddesses were afoot in the wood.
I was honored to attend. Here are some photos from an evening well spent. It was my first away from Milo and was an amazing experience to sleep alone in my tent..........
thank you, Gail and all you wonderful godesses Callie, Kaitlin, Laura, Jen Hag, Joanna, Megan, Erin, Maria, Karen, Brooke, Jamie, Willow, Rebecca, Mary, Amy, The Mom and daughter who I never got their names, Debbie and her Dominque, The Glow Girls, Duke, and one woman who I didn't speak with, and last but not least Lucia, Lucy, Lucie........and Chris for making it possible for me to attend.
I look forward to next year with a huge smile...........

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