Thursday, August 25, 2005

Go tell it on the Mountain

foggy family photo op
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We went hiking last Sunday up on top of Bradbury Mountain. This was the foggy view from the top. By the time we made it to the bottom, the sun had burned all the fog away!
We are enjoying the last few weeks of August, being out and about. Milo is loving the playground, as always. I think tomorrow we are gonna hit the beach in the AM.
Maine is so beautiful this time of year. And if I can entice any of our dear readers to visit, now would be a fantastic time. Also I will be performing on Friday, Sept. 9 at the Space Gallery on Congress Street in the evening. Myself and Catherine will be doing our debut of the Dirty Dervish Delight, in an outdoor bonanza. If any of you are questioning what this Dervish Delight is, I will elaborate. It is Roller Burlesque, but we will be keeping out much toiled over costumes on!
So come one, come all!
Milo sends his love from nap land, and please do go into Flickr and enjoy the new photos.

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