Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Very Mercy Christmas

We had an interesting early afternoon here in Portland. Milo had a Christmas visit with the Mercy Hospital Emergency Room.....
After Chris left for work at 11am, I noticed Milo had a hard edge to his right ear lobe that was hot and red. One always dreds things like frostbite in these wintry parts, I called my Mom and Liz and than the Doctor on call who told me to go to the ER. So we got all bundeled up and walked the block and a half to the quiet hospital(where I happen to work). Milo greeted all the nurses with big smiles and had a ball climbing on the stretcher as we waited for the Doctor. After wrestling a bit with the doctor while he examined his ear, we got good news, the hardness in his ear could be the start of a cyst (thank god no frostbite) he told me to put some hot compresses on it and if it gets worse give him antibiotics which he gave a prescription to be used if necessary.
We hopped down the street one more block to visit Chris with the good news! I was very relieved, no more hospitals for this little guy!
On a happy note, Milo ate his first mashed banana today and loved it!
And he was also saying things like "Mama and BABABABBAABABA"

To all a good night!

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