Monday, December 27, 2004

Revenge of the Todd!

Well what can I say. The golf is no more.....

Our beloved V W golf the first car we owned as a family has finally departed us. It has been a ghost of late. Hiding out in the parking lot of work pretending to still have a chance of resurrection. It was up for sale for a while, no one took a chance at 500 bucks. We tried to donate it, like our last car but alas they politely declined us. I tried to give it away on "freecycle" but they passed over his now faded glory. "Todd" {the VW} always had a place in our heart, his speedy little engine taking us away from the big city of Philadelphia. HE had many "quirks" to say the least. Like over heating in traffic and shedding him self of tires on the interstate highway at one in the morning, but I digress. My co-workers realized the thing hasn't been moving, taking up valuable space. I was able to find some one interested in "junkrs" to whisk him away like a "heffer to the slaughterr" The tow truck came ona monday, I stepped out just as he had the car starting up the ramp. We shook hands and chatted as the car rose up the platform. It was an interesting sound, a little squeak barely audible over the working truck engine. The little metal hook was free from the car! The piece snapped off of the body. Todd realizing his last bit of freedom decided to make a run for it off of the inclined truck bed. My truck friend tried to stop Todd from his crazy idea of leaving but I know at over one ton it decides where it wants to go.
I am happy to report that Todd didn't take out any other cars in a last violent attempt at revenge{though he came close}
Thus the Keys Fam of N.E. were free of a very fickle car, unlike our newer Ford Escort, which has run flawlessly!

{{editors note- a few days after Todds departure the Ford decided not to start, and act up in general}}

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