Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy new year

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Hi everybody,
(nate ridding the new year)

Sorry we haven't posted as of late. We have had a busy last few weeks. Christmas and the holidays have been so special. Milo woke up on Christmas morning and forgot what was supposed to happen. He was happy with his one gift from the night before. It took him an hour to make it down stairs!
Nate...., well I cant help myself but gush over Nate, our little dancer! He has a big personality in a little body. We just sit in awe of him at home.
Oh, and we ran out of Oil heat for the first time the other day. Jenna woke up saying "It is Freezing!" I said something like grow up..
then When I was down stairs I realized I didn't hear the "truck" running downstairs. I got my trusty new headlamp and took a peek at the tank. I saw the elusive "empty" on the gauge.
Luckily it was above freezing outside and we are fine. $500 dollars the next day later we are nice and toasty.
Oh and we bid adieu to our house guest Wendy

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