Tuesday, December 02, 2008


On Thanksgiving Day, on our ride to Delaware, we were chatting about poetry, and I decided to read a bit of recently written poetry....
Milo listened attentively, and than said he had a poem,
which I happily and almost speedily wrote down word for word...here is his first poem....

::spoken in a young robert frost, dedicated to the moment but not caught up in pretense::

Milo's Poem
or Untitled

Snow comes cold
than it landed-
it all pieces
the barn snowed in
ice was breaking when it was snowing
the trees died, broke into pieces
the roadway snowed in and the trees were down
& on the road
& the cars can't go
electricity is down
the clouds fall
the monster trucks can't go through
more trees died & knocked telephone wires & collapsed
& the car antenea's were bended
& everything destroyed-even the house
electricty down,
kids couldn't play on the computer
grass going dead
chipmunks and squirrils hided in the burrow
& the signs went down and broke-collapsed
only the monster truck trains can go...

I hope you all enjoyed!

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