Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mr. Nate.

ah, maine
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I have been meaning to write a note about the little guy. Nate has been getting bigger by the second and keeping us on our toes. He loves to point and make hand gestures to grab everything. He is at that age where they love taking everything out of the basket, box, ect. Milo is becoming a pro at taunting Nate with remote controlled cars, and "fishing for nate"
I think Nate will be a climber, he does the steps daily, just going up and down for fun. I look away and he is atop something I didn't think he could get up on! The best part is that he loves music! to make it, to dance. His little baby dance makes my day everytime, it is like a butt shake with a little head bob tossed in.

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