Monday, August 11, 2008


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The baby Is on the move!
Little Nate has picked up speed and has been keeping mom and dad on their toes! He is always crawling around pulling up and dancing. Now when I look up I don't always find him. So we hosed off the baby gates , and set them up some place where they would lock. Nate doesn't like them.
We have finally gotten around to the "proofing"
With the second child, you are much more laid back about what they get into. "please don't Kiss the outlets"
At one party, to keep Nate happy, I let him wield a butter knife. (Lets just say the guests looked worried) A butter knife it isn't my first choice, but you learn to work with what you got.
The post title is from when Nate attacks Milo's toys. It might be trains, a fort ,or cars, but Nate comes along to tare it up. He does bang up job of it. The big lesson for Milo is learning to learn to live with it. If not , we are in for a long winter!

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