Thursday, March 06, 2008

And then It began...

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Well, I don't know where to start... besides the fact that we bought a bus.....I should say Transporter type 2 1974 VW. It was Inspected! (well not that it should of been) It ran great, until
hour 2, of my trip home. I should have been back at 4 or so. I made it home a little after 10 pm. I picked the coldest day of the month to pick it up.I had to make a couple of stops to warm my feet up. ( no heat) Liz recommended I put my gloves over my thinly socked feet. It died about 3 miles from home. I dont know what exactly happened to the engine but I hope I can salvage most of it. (looks hopeful)
I was going to tare it down anyway, this helped speed up the process and "freshen" him up. I have lotsa hope and every one is so excited. I think he will be ready by August.
Jenna has named him Argyle. Milo is having a blast just running around inside ripping down the walls cutting rope and using the screwdrivers. I am enjoying having my hands busy in something creative/ practical/ rewarding. I thought my Philly family would giving me a hard time about owning a vehicle older than myslef, but for the most part they are all excited.
Some lessons learned so far....
1- buying a bus on ebay is dumb....
2-driving with out plates or stickers is dumb.
3- there is always something else.
4-Busses come standard with, lighters, bows, rolling papers, and pink floyd CD's. ( not joking!)

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