Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chris' impulse buy

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Well I went and splurged the other day. I bought myself a new bike. My sister had an extra child seat for a bike that I was able to attach.
I kept telling milo that "we" would be going for a ride together, but he didn't get it untill he saw it. It took a little longer than I thought to set him up but, not to hard. Milo went from excited to scared
being strapped in. I thought for our inaugural run I would take it easy, around the block. Well if you know this neighborhood there are a lot of great hills here that I couldn't pass up. So now me and milo are doing 30 mph down the street and he is freaking out. At the bottom is fairmount park or as the locals say "back the creek" ( crk) well he hops off, playing in the woods. Soon enough I have to be at work, I realize now that I have to make It up that same hill with 40 pounds of extra weight.
Let's just say milo kept asking me....
" why are you walking the bike? Why are you out of breath?"
Now I'm just waiting for the rain to clear up to try again.

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A Little Bunny said...

lol! oh lord, the things eliot will say when he can talk...