Monday, December 03, 2007

an update.

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Howdy every one. Sorry I have been slow with the posts, two tends to keep you on your toes. Nate has been a dream, sleep followed by a few hours of" quiet alert" time. We have been nocked over with love for this little guy. Then there is Milo. I have thinking about how to sum him up right now. Complicated is close. He is still very happy and boisterous, add teething, a desire not to have any coat on, and a loud voice. The real kicker is his need to disagree, about everything. "dad/mom I want lunch/ snack now!" we say ok make the food then he says I'm not hungry! I don't want that! No No No! Anyway it can go on like that for awhile. Let's just say milo is very "perticular" thank God for mr bean

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