Thursday, November 15, 2007

cheeky? Or filling out your diaper?

Originally uploaded by zavodk can take a guess witch one it is. Nate is now upto 2 solid hours of quiet alert time. That isn't all at once, maybe 5 minutes at a time, but it adds up. His eyes look as if they are going to be blue, but you never know. Milo says that he might like this brother thing, you just have to highlight the positives! ( like more toys!) I thought I should bring it up here first, but this year we would like every one to skip Big box store toys for handmade/ artistic/ educational items. We have to much at this point, also who can guarantee that it can't poison them! We love every one for their role they play in our family. Give the gift of time!
(easier for some than others) we understand!
P.S. Nate got to go to his first funeral. a good time was had by all!

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The Six Pack said...

every hear of a spell check?