Monday, September 17, 2007

what's old is new again.

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I really wanted to sum up my time in Philly by talking about our plants. My Norfolk pine is a whole different tree. It has doubled and softened up it's needles. I think it will look much deserving of the Christmas decorations this year. It has had a ruff time in Maine, it started half dead on the sidewalk in Portland. I took it in, but it was slowly dying through the years. These last few months on the porch it has sprung to life! I had to tie it to the fence because it is so top heavy now.
Our other plant the rosary vine has come back from the dead. It suffered a ruff tuck drive down from Gardiner, but after we thought it was trash, it started to re-grow. I think there is some moral lesson in there somewhere, but I got nothing.

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