Saturday, November 19, 2005

LL all the way

LL all the way
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Heys Kids! Did you know that the LL in LL Bean stands for Leon Leonwood Bean? Well now you do, aren't you happy you came to visit our BLog. Its nice to be able to give valuable information like that. I hope you enjoyed it! like fried chicken.
Before I forget, want to give a shout-out to Soccergirl for listing us as her newest and most elite contact on Flickr. Big ups, Soccergirl.
Sad to report that Chris is ill, and he is home with Milo, who is bouncing off the walls while I toil away the hours at work.
We are looking forward to our holiday trip to PHILADELPHIA, but not the actual drive. The BIG excitement of our lives, besides Milo saying HI and BYE all the time, is the chance to see HARRY POTTER on the IMAX!!!!! WooHOOO! Can't wait to see everyone over Thanksgiving!

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