Saturday, October 22, 2005

hedgehog, indian, pumpkin & sailor

hedgehog, indian, pumpkin & sailor
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The Second Annual Little Halloweeners Afternoon Masquerade went off without a hitch, this past Thursday. Many a character was present, even Grandma from the Big Bad Wolf made an appearance. There were many witchy Moms and one excellent chef Dad. Chris was a star among the Mamas with his hit squash soup with crustinie....
The kids had fun running around and playing with each others bits of costumes. Milo was especially cute and he even kept his hat on, well at least for a bit, he only wears hats outside! Smart Kid!
Look for the up coming photos on Halloween when we go to the Halloween Parade.
Hope all is well. Its good here in the great old state o Maine, starting to get a bit chilly though. Seems we are staying put for the winter in our cozy digs....

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