Thursday, June 02, 2005

stroller kids

stroller kids
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Hello all! This is a photo from the Philadelphia Zoo of Milo and Talia. We are back and sadly Milo came home with a virus, poor little guy has had a low fever, just when the weather has gotten nice. We are managing, just happy that he remains in good spirits for the duration of his illness.
We got Milo a small broom today at the hardware store and he love it. I am at work right now and I talked to Chris on the phone and he said that Milo tried to take the broom to bed with him. What a hoot. Is that something only a mother enjoys?
We did have a great time in Philly....what a lovely spring and what a wedding Brandon had, simply decadent.
Even made it too the zoo with Melissa and the kids. That was such fun!
We will keep you posted. Don't forget to click on the photo here to the right to take you to the flickr web site, we've posted a ton of photos for your enjoyment....

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