Saturday, January 08, 2005

Let it "stop" snowing!

Howdy every one!
happpy new year.{still...} Well it is saturday here in the great state O' Maine, and it is snowing again! The other day we had about 5 or six inches, and today it was only supposed to be a dusting, but i think the weatherman was off by a few inches...WE are far from being snowed in, it is nice beacuse we dont have to drive to work or shop. The only real trouble with the snow is that makes parking close to a nightmare intown. The streets get smaller and we loose about 5 parking spots on every block. A situation easily remidied with beer and vidieos. {they deliver}
I will try today to get some pics of the little milo out in the snow...

here are some links for live maine web cams..
here and

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